Middle Ages


Inside the exposition in the “Iskra” Historical museum a spot is dedicated to the Bulgarian middle ages. The exhibits come from archeological excavations of medieval objects in the region and give information about the material and spiritual culture of the population during XI-XIV century. An important place is dedicated to objects found in the village and the medieval necropolis near the town of Kran, Kazanlak region.

Inside separate display cases one can see weapons (offensive and defensive), farming instruments, ceramic utensils among which there is graphite-ceramics from the XIII-XIV century, local production, ceramic decorations.

One can be interested in two helmets, a knitted chain armor, battle axes and halberds. All objects, which are shown in this part of the exhibition, are proofs of the region’s population during XI-XIV century. The Kaleto fortress was a Bulgarian stronghold that protected the lands to the South of the Balkan.