Temple in mound Ostrusha

In Ostrusha mound near Shipka a representative tomb- cult complex, dating back to the middle of IV century BC, was discovered. An area of 100 square metres houses six premises, one of which is a sarcophagus-like  chamber. In front of the complex there was a ritual piling up of a great number of broken pottery and architectural details.

The sarcophagus-like chamber is dug into a solid granite block weighing more than 60 tons. The roof is divided into dozens of graphic fields with skillfully painted portraits /probably of the aristocratic family members/, scenes with human figures, fights among animals, plant and geometric patterns.

The tomb was plundered in ancient times; intact has remained only the southwestern chamber – there a horse was buried with rich silver horse trappings; a gilded collar breastplate and two silver vessels were discovered, too.